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Di masa PPKM ini, kita harus tetap menjaga kesehatan fisik dan mental. Rasa bosan dan penat karena hanya berdiam di rumah, namun kamu tetap membutuhkan inspirasi untuk menyelesaikan pekerjaan. Ini Vie Hospitality punya solusinya. Dengan PPKM (Pilih Paket yang Kamu Mau), kamu bisa bebas memilih paket yang kamu suka. Mulai dari Paket Sweet Staycation, kamu bisa menginap romantis bersama pasangan atau orang terkasih dengan memilih romantic staycation, paket honeymoon, atau paket celebration.  Paket Smart Workcation sangat cocok untuk kamu yang ingin menikmati workcation rasa staycation. Kamu bisa pilih mulai dari daycation, daily staycation, weekly staycation sampai monthly stayction. Yuk buruan di booking sekarang!


Wednesday 14 July 2021


Surprise Birthday Pasangan

Surprise Birthday Pasangan  - Blog's The Vie Villa

Jika kamu ingin memberikan surprise terindah untuk orang tercinta, maka kamu bisa wujudkan dengan Surprise Birthday impian kamu di Ini Vie Hospitality. Untuk memberikan surprise ulang tahun ke pasanganmu, kamu bisa kirimkan foto dan identitas pasangan kamu ke nomor central whatsapp reservasi kami. Lalu kamu juga bisa dapatkan diskon kamar 35% plus wording di bed bertuliskan “Happy Birthday Sayang” yang pastinya akan membuat pasanganmu makin cinta sama kamu. Yuk buruan pesan sekarang, karena promonya terbatas loh 


Monday 05 July 2021


Seluruh Team Ini Vie Hospitality Sudah Menjalani Vaksinasi Covid-19

Seluruh Team Ini Vie Hospitality Sudah Menjalani Vaksinasi Covid-19 - Blog's The Vie Villa

Om Swastiastu, 


Demi memaksimalkan pelayanan yang kami berikan kepada pelanggan setia kami, seluruh staff dan team dari Ini Vie Hospitality saat ini sudah menjalani vaksinasi covid-19. Selain itu, Semua villa dan resort yang kami kelola saat ini juga sudah mengikuti standar protokol kesehatan yang telah ditetapkan oleh WHO. Kamar tidur serta barang bawaan dan koper anda pun juga akan di disinfectant oleh team kami. Maka, jangan ragu untuk mengabadikan momen indah anda bersama orang-orang tercinta di Ini Vie Hospitality. 


Thursday 17 June 2021


The Vie Villa is Rated 8 Out of 10 on The Traveller Review Award 2021

The Vie Villa is Rated 8 Out of 10 on The Traveller Review Award 2021 - Blog's The Vie Villa

Om Swastiastu, 


The Vie Villa is excited to announce that our villa is rated 8 out of 10 on The Traveller Review Award 2021 of Booking.com. Booking.com is used as an online travel platform for lodging reservations, car rentals, tourist attractions and airport transfers. The website has been available in 43 languages and it also established its own app for your smartphone. 


The Vie Villa welcomes you with our One Villa of Five Bedroom Villa with Private Pool or 5 deluxe room with shared pool, in which each room is equipped with standard villa facilities. Our villa gives you quick and easy access to some of Bali’s popular tourism objects such as Seminyak or Legian shopping street, Double Six Beach and Seminyak Square. 


Once again, thank you to all our beloved guests who reserve and review their experience staying at The Vie Villa to the world. We are always committed to keep up our excellent services in order to make the best of your honeymoon and staycation at The Vie Villa. 


Monday 25 January 2021


The List of Beach Clubs That Are Still Open At The Moment

The List of Beach Clubs That Are Still Open At The Moment - Blog's The Vie Villa

The Vie Villa would like to say Happy New Year to all of you! May 2021 will bring more happiness to all of us! By this article, we are sharing some lists of Beach Clubs in Bali that are still open at this moment for you that are still celebrating your new chapters of 2021 in Bali, 


Azul Beach Club 

Located in Legian close to Keramas Beach, Azul Beach Club and Restaurant becomes the first Tiki’s Bar in Bali with its iconic Tiki Cocktail. Azul Beach Club is uniquely designed for seekers of the true Bali’s beach vibe. By emphasizing on the use of bamboo on its design plus added by sago palm roof and its open-air restaurant design allow its visitors to get closer to the nature of Bali’s beach. The selection of beverages and cuisines here will definitely pamper your taste bud. For your thirst for Tiki beverages, you can have a sip of Tiki Puka-Puka, The Island Nectar, King Tropic and Bali-Bali Tiki of Azul Beach Club.Your rumbling tummy will love the taste of Grilled Jumbo Prawn, Fillet Barramundi and Lamb Shank Tangine of Azul Beach Club. For you who like to have a sharing meal or drink with your besties, just give a try on Azul Beach Club’s Tiki Sangria Bowl, and The Monster Tiki. Not only serving you with its mouth-watering menus, this beach club also enables you to get an easier access to some awesome spots in Bali such as 3 Dimension Museum “I am Bali” or Dream Museum Zone, Pandora Experience Escape Room and The Bali Bombing Monument.  



La Brisa Bali

La Brisa Bali offers you a sensation of oasis vibe by the sea. Located in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Canggu, the outer part of La Brisa is decorated with tons of reclaimed balinese fisherman boats. While enjoying the sea breeze, you are also welcomed by the The Arcadian Vibes of La Brisa which is also hand decorated by seashells, sand, fishing road and antique buoy. Your tropical relaxation at La Brisa Bali will be also accompanied by a best selection of foods and beverages. La Brisa awaits you with its high-rated foods such as its selection of Pizzas (smoked bacon, diabola or four cheese), La Brisa’s brunch menus (egg benedict, beef burger, banana bread), or some snacks and sharing (wild mushroom arancini, fried squid, garlic bread or french fries). You can kill your spare time by nibbling on some of La Brisa’s finger foods like fish tachos, beef burger, fried chicken bao buns or beef burgers. For its bar menu, La Brisa awaits you with its first-rate liquid refreshment such as its signature cocktails (Bali sunset, Bali colada, Tropical Lagoon), Sangrias (beach sangria, paradise sangria), Whiskey, Vodka, Wine and many more. 



COMO Beach Club Bali

COMO Beach Club Bali awaits you for another tropical getaway in Canggu with its concept that definitely attracts surfers or cosmopolitan travellers. With its location overlooking the scenic view of a sea, you sense the fresh breeze of Canggu comforting you while enjoying the beauty of the stunning panorama of Canggu beach.  COMO Beach Club’s kitchen is committed to serve you with regional and fresh ingredients yet still using a modern approach in its food serving. You can have a varied selection of menus that range from local to international favourites. You can opt to have a selection of milk, nusantara fruit and salad, cereals, grains and blends or some juices and blends. For your addiction to local foods, COMO offers different local menus each day, for instance on Monday you can have bubur merah, on Tuesday you can have some munches on Laksa or on Wednesday you can order mie goreng. Or you can give a try on its A La Carte menu where you can have some options of omelettes, fried rice, real toast or a fruity tropical smoothie bowl. 




We think that most of you are quite familiar with this beach club, right? Yes, Finns Beach Club is listed among the most popular beach clubs in Bali. Located in Canggu, this beach club consists of 4 pools, 9 bars and 2 restaurants as well as a sushi bar. The outstanding bamboo structure of Finns Beach Club is designed to guarantee sunset view for all Finns’ guests. Not only that, Finns Beach Club welcomes you with its well-balanced mix of local cuisines and international delights with surely the freshest and the highest quality spices and ingredients. Since there are 9 bars and 2 restaurants here, you can have hell lots of cuisines and beverages selection. Mumbai kitchen indulges your tummy with its authentic Indian menus such as chicken tandoori, chana dal, tikka paneer or butter chicken. Japanese cuisines addicts may munch on some sashimi, tempura, okonomiyaki, miso soup and have a sip of some sake, Japanese martinis, or fukuko. Gelato and desserts enthusiasts may try some best selections of gelato, cheese cake, chocolate cake. Not only mouth watering foods and beverages, jaw-dropping ambience and vibe of Finns Beach Club are also second to none. To get the most of your tropical vacation in Bali, you can splash around the 4 pools of Finns while having your sip of liquid refreshment. Or you can wish to sit back and relax on the super comfy single and deluxe beds surrounded by beautiful white sand. 



Palmilla beach club 

Opened in October 2019, Palmilla beach club allows you to enjoy the scenic panorama of Melasti Beach in Uluwatu. Although it has just opened in 2019, the popularity of this beach club is not doubted. From flavorsome cuisines to instagenic spots, you can find all of these awesome stuffs here. For its food selection, you can wish to savor some of Palmilla or its tasty pizza (margeritha, pepperoni, triple cheese and barbeque chicken). Slurping on some tequila, sparkling wine or vodka is a thing that must not be missed here. Not only its appealing cuisines and beverages, this popular beach club will help you create funtastic and instagramable memories for your most updated Instagram feeds. Feel free to pose cheerfully while lazing away on the sunbed or to swing on the swing while sipping your favorite wine. Do not also miss the chance to swim on Palmilla’s pool or to sunbathe to get your tan!

Cafe Del Mar Bali 

Cafe Del Mar awaits you with its ultimate Ibiza vibe to enjoy the tropical sensation of Bali. The Mediterranean and Spanish concepts are obviously prioritized on most of its designs. The whitish and blueish iconic color of Mediterranean vibe is also one of the most instagenic spots of Cafe Del Mar that must not be missed. Dancing in the pool, lazing away all day long on your sunbed or simply dancing a little jig are all possible to do here. For its menu, Cafe Del Mar allows you to savor on some Ibizian food variations, yet the spice and the ingredients are adapted to the local taste bud. You can have everything from bread to share, some tapas to mezze platter to share. Large plate menus to share or small plate menus to nibble with yourself also await you here. For you who consider alcoholic drinks unfavorable, Cafe Del Mar Bali offers you with some of its best juices and gelatos in the city. Last but not least, due to its location overlooking the Indian ocean, for sunset hunters, your favorite sunset moment would never be missed at this beach club!



Ibiza in Bali

Ibiza in Bali offers you with a first-hand experience of enjoying Ibiza’s tropical getaway in Jimbaran, Bali. Offering the concept of an open-air beach club, Ibiza in Bali welcomes you with European vibes, Balearic beats and of course Spanish delights. Its glass aquarium pool is centred among all facilities plus its swim-up bar, sumptuous daybed and a rooftop lounge will definitely make the most of your tropical paradise in Bali. Unlike any other beach club, Ibiza in Bali becomes the one and only beach club with Ibizian concept, also indulges your tongue with its top-rated menus. Your craving for spanish delight will be satisfied by Spanish tapas (una de chopitos, patatas bravas, pulpo a galega) and Spanish Paellas of Ibiza Bali (arroz negro, paella mixta). Refresh your thirsty throat by a varied liquid refreshment selection of Ibiza in Bali such as red wine, rose wine, sangria, sparkling wine and of course cocktails and mocktails. For visitors who are not into alcoholic beverages, have some try on Ibiza in Bali’s smoothies, chill juices, fresh juices or soft drinks. 

Mrs.Sippy Bali

Do not miss a chance to have a short tropical escape from your monotonous routine by splashing around the largest salt water pool at Mrs. Sippy Bali. A beach club with its iconic Mediterranean concept is set with an open-air kitchen, with its plush sunbeds accompanied by DJ music. Not only a wicked place to have fun, Mrs. Sippy also welcomes you with its top-rated beverages and cuisines. Have a try on some Western delights like pizzas (margeritha, napoletana, 4 cheese, pepperoni), burgers (wagyu beef burger, grilled chicken burger). Wishing for some afternoon brunch with healthier menus? Have some munch on poke and salads selection of Mrs.Sippy Bali such as sippy bowl, sashimi bowl, caesar salad or charred cauliflower. Vegetarian fanatics can also have happy tummies at Mrs. Sippy Bali by savoring vegetarian burgers, garden salads or nachos vegetarian. Local food enthusiasts may also pamper their tongue with some fried rice, fried noodles or chicken satay of Indonesia. Parched throat during the day? Have a quick sip of a varied selection of wine (sparkling wine, white wine, red wine), cocktail selection, vodka, gin, tequila or whisky. Coffee, milkshakes, tea, softies or milk are available for non-alcoholic drink fanatics who crave for some liquid refreshment. 




KU DE TA Bali uses a concept of modern beach club with its high class restaurant. For the past 16 years, KU DE TA has been consistently keeping up its excellent services which made KU DE TA was awarded by Gold List 2017: The Best Beach Club in the World by Conde Naste. World class foods with awesome DJ music await you at one of the best beach clubs in the world. Its world class food selection ranges from gourmet sandwiches and nachos (vegan jackfruit tacos, salmon nori tacos, vegan jackfruit tacos), pizza (fungi, inferno, gamberetto), pasta (tuna aglio olio linguine) salads (burrata, KDT caesar salad) and burger (house protein burger, angus burger, fish burger). Food sharing moments with besties might be awesome at KU DE TA by munching some of its world class shared foods for instance seafood tempura, iga bakar and cheese platter). You have a sweet tooth? Do not forget to savor some top-rated sweets of KU DE TA (coconut panna cotta, flavours of tiramisu, selection of sorbet). Have some world class liquid refreshments for your best dining experience by sipping on some cocktail, mocktail or crafted beers. Lastly, keep in mind that you need to dress well and tidily after 4 pm, since KU DE TA beach club shifts its main service into a restaurant after 4 pm! And remember that during the night, you are entertained by tons of music genres such as blues, pop, house music, classic and even hiphop!



Kubu Beach Club 

Kubu Beach Club exhibits limestone cliffs, Balinese architecture plus its aquamarine waters. Unlike any other beach clubs, Kubu Beach Club offers you a completely unique and distinctive panorama since it is located in the remaining hidden white sand cove of Uluwatu. The selection of cuisines of this Kubu Beach Club will definitely make you have your repeat order! You can have some bites on some of its lunch menus like chicken pork satay, pepes ikan, snapper ceviche, cheeseburger or even the Balinse iconic bakso balung. Have your throat refreshed by some liquid refreshment of Kubu Beach Club such as kubu ice tea, rujak kuud, soda gembira or its kubu markisa splash. And of course, do not miss the chance to take your most instagenic collection of pictures at this beach club! Fascinating waves panorama with its stunning cliffs and nature will completely impress you!



Wednesday 30 December 2020


New normal experience at The Vie Villa

New normal experience at The Vie Villa - Blog's The Vie Villa

Welcome to the new normal experience at The Vie Villa. The Vie Villa is committed to continuously improving hygiene and safety standards according to health protocols recommended by the government and the World Health Organization during new normal experience. The Vie Villa always informs the staff and guests that always wear face masks and keep a distance from one another to minimize and prevent the spread of Covid 19. The Vie Villa provides standardization of health protocols and amenities such as body’s temperature checking, hand sanitizer both in the lobby and guest room, face masks for guests and regularly disinfects guest rooms after guests checkout and public facilities that are often passed by guests. The Vie Villa minimizes any information and form by paper to prevent the spread of covid 19 and all information and registration form are provided by online that the guest can access by scanning the QR code available. Such as registration form for check in process.

Here is the details new normal experiences:
On arrival:
•    Guest should wash their hand and check body’s temperature before entering the lobby area
•    The guest’s luggage will be sanitized before entering the lobby area

Check-in and checkout process:
•    The guest will fill up the registration form via online by scan the QR code which is available in the lobby area
•    Our reception team will take a copy of the passport by smartphone to minimize paper touching between the reception team and the guest.
•    All payment must be done by credit card and we do not receive cash payment. 
•    Health protocol amenities are available free for the guest. Such as Hand Sanitizer, face mask and hand glove
•    The reception team will do the inspectan to the room key before given to the guest
•    Any bills will be sanitized before given to the guest

Guest’s room:
•    Social distanced are followed during assist the guest to their room
•    Hand sanitizer is provided in the room to the guest
•    Our staff  will do the inspectant in the room regularly after guest checkout

The Vie Villa's Staff:
•    The staff is always reminded about covid 19 awarness during regular meeting
•    The staff regular remain to keep continuously improving hygiene and safety standards
•    The staff are used amenities standard amenities protocol such as a face mask, hand glove and face shield.


Wednesday 30 December 2020


Wanagiri Hidden Hills

Wanagiri Hidden Hills - Blog's The Vie Villa

The Northern part of Bali could also offer you with popular tourism objects. Whenever you visit Bedugul, spend some of your time to see Wanagiri Hidden Hills and The Famous Bali Swing. This stunning tourism place is located at the highland of Wanagiri, especially in the Munduk Village, Buleleng Bali. Just a quick drive from Bedugul (around 18 minutes) this place is around 2 hours from Kuta by car drive or scooter riding. Overlooking the Buyan Lake and Tamblingan Lake, the beauty of this place is remarkable. For nature lovers, or peace-seeking travellers, Wanagiri Hidden Hills would make you feel the beauty of this place is just second to none. Visitors find themselves to be in a place with mountainous panorama with its balmy weather added by calming ambience surrounding the hills. 

If you dream about creating some wonderful content for your Instagram account, Wanagiri Hidden Hills can make your dream come true. You could capture some moments to create Instagramable pictures by posing in the human-sized bird’s nest, create some wonderful content by playing on the swing. Or you could pose some of your best movement in the well-known bow of boat and the tree houses. All these stunning photography setting are surrounded by the scenic Tamblingan Lake and Buyan Lake undeniably can help you to get the memorable photos collection. The balmy weather that surrounds this place also gives more peaceful atmosphere for visitors that wish to get some fresh air from Balinese hills. 

To beat the crowd, we suggest that you better visit this place earlier in the morning, since this place is quite popular for photography and lots of people usually visit this place. The best time to come here is in April or October. If you have some plans to visit Wanagiri Hidden Hills, you also spend some time to go to some wonderful tourist destinations, such as the iconic Bali Handara Gate, Buyan Lake, Bedugul Botanical Garden and Bedugul Traditional Market. 

Written By:

Luh Ririn Sukma Dewi (Marketing Communication of Ini Vie Hospitality)

Contact Person:

Phone  : +62 81 237 493 763

Email   : marcom@inivie.com




Thursday 02 April 2020


The Gate to Heaven Bali

The Gate to Heaven Bali - Blog's The Vie Villa

You all are not unfamiliar with this Instagramable picture on the top left side of this article, are you? Well, yes, you all must have known this picture, since a lot of travel bloggers pose their best movement before they post their memories in this well-known spot. Lempuyang Temple that is how people call this place. Located in Tista Village, Abang District, Karangasem Regency of Bali especially in the most eastern part of Bali, the beauty of this popular temple is just undeniable.

Lempuyang temple itself is one of the parts of Sad Kahyangan Temples in Bali, meanwhile the other ones include Goa Lawah Temple, Besakih Temple, Uluwatu Temple, Batukaru Temple and Pusering Jagat Temple. Established by Mpu Kuturan in 11 AD, Lempuyang temple comprises 1700 staircases and  it is divided into 3 (three) main areas, namely:

Jabe Pisan (the part when you find the white candi bentar): you can spot some Bale (Balinese Gazebo or Pavilion) or even Bale Gong and Kulkul (Balinese traditional music).

Jaba Tengah (the three area with whitely painted portal): the part of Jaba tengah, especially the central area or portal is the area where sacred objects and offerings can pass during religious ceremony.

Jeroan: this is the most sacred and holy area of Lempuyang Temple. You can spot Pelinggih or Meru when you come to this area and usually becomes a place where Hindu communities worship The God.

Since this is a temple (a place where Hindu worshippers pray), this means that this place is considered as a holy place and you are forbidden to come inside when you are (especially women) in your monthly period time. Besides, you are not allowed to flirt, kiss, say something rude or do something that is dirty at this place. In addition, mind your dress code and dress politely, plus please do bring your own sarong or kamben when you get into Lempuyang Temple. Sarong is fabric that wrapped around the waist to ankle and usually you can also wear scarf in your waist if you wear sarong when visiting Temples in Bali. You could also rent the sarong if you don’t have it yourself. You are also prohibited to go inside the temple if you bring foods.

If you wish to visit this place, keep in mind that Lempuyang Temple is far from Denpasar and Kuta, besides the fact that the weather here is cool since this temple is 600 meters above the sea level. To get to this spot, it takes for about 2 hours from Ubud and more than 2 hours from Denpasar. The best time to go here is during sunrise, but how why? Well because if you expect to capture lots of moments here, you must arrive here earlier in the morning to avoid the crowd of visitors. The best time to enjoy the beauty of this place is before 9 in the morning (if you wish to get first-hand experience to watch sunset and feel the fresher balmy weather around that surrounds the temple) or after 3 in the late afternoon (for the ones who choose to capture the wonderful sunset view). Remember that your journey to arrive at Lempuyang Temple wouldn’t be as easy as you may think. It is recommended that you rent a car or if you wish you could consider riding your motorbike to get here.

So what you think? Does spend some of your time at Lempuyang Temple worth it? The answer is “Yes! It does. 110% worth it!

Written by

Luh Ririn Sukma Dewi (Marketing Communication of Ini Vie Hospitality)

Contact Person

Phone      : +62 81 237 493 763

Email       : marcom@inivie.com




Sunday 23 February 2020


Jatiluwih Rice Terrace

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace  - Blog's The Vie Villa

Have you ever wondered about how the rice that you eat is grown? Well if that happens to you, then you should plan to visit some wonderful rice terraces in Bali. As you know that in Indonesia, people mostly consider rice as their primary foods here. In Bali, it is well-recognized that the method of growing rice is usually by using rice terrace. Rice terrace is mostly made manually by people in Bali and it is well maintained from generations to generations.

If you are into photography, hiking or cycling or just wishing to see the well-recognized rice terrace while you are in Bali, then Jatiwulih rice terrace might be your must- visit place. This rice cultivation flowing the 636 hectare of Batukaru mount’s hillside with the altitude of 700 meters above the sea level. It takes 1.5 hours from Ubud by motorcycles and car, and 2 Hours from Denpasar and Kuta.  Jatiluwih rice terrace offers you with ultimate experience to enjoy the beauty of the Balinese rice terrace. Since it is located in the foot of Batukaru mount, you can expect to enjoy the scenic view of Batukaru mount when you visit Jatiluwih. Surrounded by its cool and balmy temperature, this rice terrace would offer you with stunning view of contoured rice terraced that being irrigated by using 7 communal water systems around this area. This communal water system usually called as Subak in Bali and Subak itself is usually managed by 1 (one) pekaseh. You must visit Jatiluwih in February or April, since this is the perfect time for you to see that tall greenish rice paddy. Besides its stunning view, Jatiluwih rice terrace also has some cultural and religious history.  Jatiluwih itself has some cultural history that links to the history and power of the King of Keraton Gelgel, “Ida Dalem Waturenggong”. It is also well-known for its Patirtaan religious ceremony (takes places at Petali Temple) in which people around this area believe that Petali Temple is a place to worship The Lord (Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa).

If you wish to come to Jatiluwih rice terrace, you could also have a look at some interesting tourism objects around this place. For instance Batukaru Temple that is located not too far from Jatiluwih. Besides, you can visit Tanah Lot temple after you visit Jatiluwih. Tanah lot attracts tourists with its instagramable view of its temple on the seashore.

Written by:

Luh Ririn Sukma Dewi (Marketing Communication of Ini Vie Hospitality)

Contact Person:

Phone           : +62 81 237 493 763

Email             : marcom@inivie.com




Saturday 21 March 2020


Lawar and Babi Guling in Bali

Lawar and Babi Guling in Bali - Blog's The Vie Villa

The word “Lawar” might seem quite familiar for Balinese. Yes, this food has always been one of the most popular cuisines in Bali. In Galungan Day, some families feast and in many other Balinese rituals, you can hardly see Lawar is not served. In fact, you don’t have to wait for this food to be served until Galungan Day comes. If you are curious with the taste of Lawar, you can spot Lawar sellers easily spread on streets, markets and traditional Balinese Warung around Bali.

This famous Balinese food typically consists of some vegetables (like long beans) and chopped meat (chicken, pork) added by shrimp paste, chilis, turmeric, galangal and other traditional Balinese spices.

There are some selections of Lawar that you usually discover when you visit Bali, such as:

Lawar Putih

This type of Lawar is the among the most common one, which made of grated coconut, meat added by vegetables and some spices like turmeric, chilli, pepper, shrimp paste and other types of Balinese traditional spices that we usually name it as “Basa Genep”.

Lawar Barak

People call it Lawar Barak (Barak means Red in Balinese), due to the red color of this Lawar. Lawar Barak mainly made of chopped meat (it can be chicken or pork), vegetables, coconut and Balinese special spices added by raw meat blood (chicken or pork). The red color of this Lawar is mostly produced from the meat blood that is poured into this Lawar.

Vegetable Lawar

If you are familiar with this flavored Lawar, this selection of Lawar usually made of long chopped bean added by Jackfruit or sometimes added by mango or other vegetables.

Apart from these 3 types of Lawar, you may also discover other selections of Lawar in Bali, since restaurants and Lawar sellers try to offer some variations of ingredients added to Lawar to match it with their customers’ preferences.

Whenever you want to taste Lawar, you also may find Sate Lilit and Suckling Pig (Babi Guling) served along with Lawar itself. Balinese Sate Lilit is made of skewered grilled meat.  The word “Lilit” itself means to wrap around, in which it refers to the minced meat that is wrapped around the satay skewers. Travelers that come to Bali might taste Satay that made of grilled and skewered chicken or pork, and sometimes added by irresistible peanut sauce or chili sauce on it. In fact, if you expect to try Sate Lilit, you are not going to spot peanut sauce on it, instead, it is normally served with sambal or chili sauce.

Meanwhile Suckling Pig or we call it “Babi Guling” is a roasted pork usually concocted with typical Balinese spices like turmeric, black pepper, garlic and other Balinese traditional spices or usually known as “Basa Genep”. Originally Babi Guling is used as offerings for The God during Hindu Ceremonies, as a symbol of abundance shown by the Pork. The pork itself is slow-roasted in open fire until the meat is crispy and juicy. When it is served, Babi Guling is sliced into thin pieces of meat along with the aroma of Basa Genep in its juicy meat. Nowadays Babi Guling is widely known all over Bali and can be found during Balinese traditional ceremonies or in food stalls called “Warung Babi Guling”.

Written by:

Luh Ririn Sukma Dewi (Marketing Communication of Ini Vie Hospitality)

Contact Person:

Phone              : +62 81 237 493 763

Email               : marcom@inivie.com




Sunday 15 March 2020


Potato Head Beach Club

Potato Head Beach Club  - Blog's The Vie Villa

Anyone who fancies awesome sunset views, a day of perfect sunbathing followed by a sip of cocktails, then they must head soon to Potato Head Beach Club. Located in the heart of Seminyak, Potato Head Beach Club offers you luxurious sunbathing experience in a perfectly designed beachfront beach club. With its well-known three bars, infinity pool, swim up bar, those perfectly designed daybeds that surround the pools, this 500-square-metre lawn beach club is almost impossible to be considered amongst the low rated beach clubs’ lists.

Potato Head Beach Club is amongst the lists of popular beach clubs in Bali. Open from 10 am to 2 am, this beach club can surely offer you with true tropical nature in Bali. Once you arrive at this beach club, you are able to spot the uniquely curved façade of Potato Head Beach Club designed by Andra Martin. This quirky architecture that resembles Coloseum in Italy enables you to enjoy the sensation of staying in a building with tropical setting added by thousands of windows. Not only offering its quirky façade architecture, Potato Head Beach Club also provides travelers with a uniquely semi-open beach club with mind-blowing tropical setting to enjoy the beauty of the beach and sunset.

Potato Head Beach Club is 2 floors building beach club, with its ground floor being named as Lilin that serves you with Asian foods and Seafoods, meanwhile the 2nd floor is called as Tapping Shoes that indulges you with European foods. If you wish to taste various types of foods, no worries, this top-rated beach club allows you to choose foods ranging from local, international to Asian foods. For the one who fancies enjoying music and indulging themselves with performance of International DJs, they better visit this place that transforms into a top-rated night club after 10 at night.  

Potato Head Beach Club also have an international restaurant and traditional restaurant and for foods selection, you can expect to have selection of sharing board, main plates or even small plates.  If you take very seriously about selection of cocktails, this beach club might be in your list of must- visit beach clubs, since the club is well-known for its best selections of cocktails and wines. Besides, you can also wish to indulge yourself sunbathing with a mind blowing tropical setting with a sip of its top-rated spirits with the best selection of mixers.

So, what you waiting for? Grab the chance to visit one of the most popular beach clubs in Bali.


Written By:

Luh Ririn Sukma Dewi (Marketing Communication of Ini Vie Hospitality)

Contact Person:

Phone  : +62 81 237 493 763

Email     : marcom@inivie.com




Wednesday 11 March 2020


Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach  - Blog's The Vie Villa

Being well-known for the beauty of the two iconic deep cliffs, Kelingking beach is located in Karangdawa village in a small island called Nusa Penida. Nusa Penida is an island located in the south eastern coast of Bali along with Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. If you ask locals about the name of this hidden beach, instead of calling it Kelingking Beach, they normally name it Karangdawa Village, which matches the name of the Village where this beach located. This beautiful beach is known as “Secret point”, since only locals that used to know how and where to enjoy the beauty of this hidden beach. Travelers who go here normally need to pay around IDR 175,000 for speed boat ticket per person for one way trip, or you can choose the cheaper alternative which is by Public Ferry Padang Bay. This Public Ferry normally cost around IDR 31,000 per person for each one way trip. , If you go here from Sanur, it normally takes 1.5 hour but if you choose to go to Nusa Penida from Padang Bai it normally takes an hour.

It is hard for travelers to deny the beauty of Kelingking Beach with its tranquil atmosphere, which is perfect for peace seeking visitors. As it was ranked the 6th for top beaches in Asia 2020 by Tripadvisor (https://www.tripadvisor.com/TravelersChoice-Beaches-cTop-g2), Travelers must consider Kelingking beach in their bucket list when they plan to visit Bali, since visiting Kelingking beach has been one of the most popular activities done by tourists. From the view point, visitors are able to enjoy the beauty of Kelingking beach’s white sand and the mindblowing steep cliffs view all the way down added by the popular limestone headland that reaches towards Indian Ocean. Its steep cliffs are quite popular since it shapes like T-Rex (a species of Dinosaur), which enshrouded travelers if they choose to enjoy the beach nearby the seashore. If you want to see the head shape of T-Rex of these cliffs, you need to go the left side of the bay and to see the body of these T-Rex shaped cliffs, you must go to the right side of it.

Besides this, Manta Point of Kelingking Beach is quite popular for travelers. Manta Point itself is a diving spot that gives travelers access to go diving down the ocean of Kelingking Beach to see Manta fish (the biggest Stingray in the World). It needs to be remembered that since it is a shore-break beach, you might discover that the wave is absolutely huge.  

Although Kelingking Beach is sometimes called a hidden beach, if you plan to visit this beach, you can still find restaurants and café around Kelingking Beach, such as Little Finger Café, Amok Sunset, The Dungki Bendega Resto. Please click this link below to find out more about restaurants and café around Kelingking Beach (https://www.tripadvisor.com/RestaurantsNear-g2538506-d12396108-Kelingking_Beach-Nusa_Penida_Bali.html).

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Thursday 05 March 2020


Nyepi Day

Nyepi Day - Blog's The Vie Villa

Nyepi Day

Every once in a year, Hindu Communities in Bali celebrate Nyepi Day or known as Balinese New Year (celebrated based on The Balinese Saka Calendar), in which the word “Nyepi” means to keep silent. It is usually celebrated after the spring equinox’s darkmoon when the duration of nighttime and daytime is approximately equal. During this Nyepi day, The Island of Bali usually stops all the activities for 24 hours. Therefore, it should be noted that all travelers that come to Bali during this Nyepi day should be aware that Bali becomes completely silent. All shops are closed, streets are deserted, I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport is also closed, all people turns off lights at home, no pedestrians are allowed to stay outside and all the noise should be lowered to its lowest level. During this Nyepi day, the atmosphere of tranquillity and peace enshroud Bali, making it feel like The Island of Paradise.


The purpose of Nyepi Day is to create deeper connection with the God (Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa) thorugh fasting, praying, and meditating while also reflecting on ourselves to improve value and love in creating peaceful life. Before the Nyepi Day comes, there are strings of ceremonies that should be held by Hindu communities in Bali.


The first ceremony is Melasti. Melasti or mekiis is usually conducted two or three days before Nyepi Day and its purpose is to conduct purification for Bhuana Agung (The Universe) and Bhuana Alit (Human Nature). Hindu communities in Bali usually bring Pratima (which is usually believed as the manifestation of the God) and all the effigies of Lord Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa to the sea and purify it with colorful and long ceremonies.


A day after melasti or a day before the Nyepi Day usually named as “Pengerupuk”. All villages in Bali usually hold ceremonies in their villages’ main crossroads, which are believed as the places of all demons like to stay. On this day, villages in Bali hold ceremonies to chase away the evil forces or known as Bhuta Kala that is described as a giant and scary creature and likes to bother human’s life. All these evil forces or Bhuta Kala are manifested by Ogoh-Ogoh (The Giant Puppet) that is brought and paraded on the street by lots of people during this “Pengerupuk” day. Well-known Ogoh-Ogoh parade usually held on “Pengerupuk” Day normally starts at 5 or 6 pm by men in all villages in Bali accompanied by Gamelan music, kulkul (traditional bamboo musical instrument). Each village usually produces its own ogoh-ogoh a few months before Nyepi day comes, through support from local boys and older men in designing it. This Ogoh-ogoh usually can be up to 25 feet tall, and is decorated with colorful paint, and clothing to make it looks similar with Bhuta Kala. Travelers that come to Bali can make this as a wonderful attraction while experiencing their true Nyepi Day.


This ogoh-ogoh parade is also followed by Pecaruan offering, and Tawur Kesange, which are rituals to win the battle over Bhuta Khala and evil forces that disturb humans in creating peaceful life. This offering usually made of animals such as ducks, pigs, chicken and also added by plants, fruits, and crops. After the parade is done, usually Ogoh-Ogoh is burned into ashes, which symbolizes vanished Bhuta Kala and Evil Forces. In addition, on Pengerupuk day, Hindu families in Bali chase away all the evil forces and spirits (bhuta kala) around their houses by using pots, pans and clank it repeatedly along with torch made of fiery bamboo.


A day after “Pengerupuk” day is when the silent mode in Bali happens.

On this Nyepi Day, it is obligatory to meditate and do the catur brata penyepian. This Catur Brata Penyepian usually consists of:


Amati Karya (no work or any significant physical activities)

Besides not allowed to go out, Hindu people in Bali are forbidden to do physical activities or go to work, or what we call as “Amati Lelungan” on Nyepi Day. Hindu communities are encouraged to meditate and do more of spiritual activities on this day in celebrating the Balinese Hindu New Year.


Amati Lelungan (no travelling)

Streets are completely deserted on Nyepi day, since “Amati Lelungan” means that no one is permitted to go outside. Travelers cannot wander around the streets or plan to have fun at the beach on this day. There will be “Pecalang” that will be ready to make sure that all is well and no one is on the street on Nyepi Day.


Amati Lelanguan (no merrymaking)

Hindu communities are also not allowed to have much self-entertainment and create much noise on Nyepi Day. Therefore, travelers that come to Bali should be aware that during this day, their mobile internet connection runs slowly and some local TV stations will be turned down.


Amati Geni (no fire)

Hindu communities in Bali are not allowed to lit any fire or turn on the lamp during Nyepi day, this is what we call as “Amati Geni” in Catur Brata Penyepian. Bali usually becomes completely dark all day long, since all shops, hotels and buildings need to turn off all the lamps during this day. Travelers that come to Bali need to make sure that they do not turn on the lamp on this day.


A day after Nyepi day is called “Ngembak Geni” when Hindu communities can go out and visit their families, friends and relatives to strengthen the value of peaceful life. Hindu people usually also visit some tourism places with their families or friends to enjoy Ngembak Geni Day.


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Luh Ririn Sukma Dewi (Marketing Communication of Ini Vie Hospitality)

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Sunday 01 March 2020


Where to go for Fun Shopping in Canggu

Where to go for Fun Shopping in Canggu - Blog's The Vie Villa

Hipster Canggu is a town filled with  new shops every month. They sell a mix of foreign and local brands that sell clothes, accessories, and even beautiful interior items that you can’t resist buying. Some shops are more hidden than the other, and some are only open weekly and even monthly to satiate your hobby of shopping or stuff you need. Here are the best location to shopping in Canggu. 


La Laguna Gypsy Market

The best-looking place to go shopping in Canggu is at La Laguna’s Gypsy Market. This because the market only open twice a month  with hundreds of stalls sell fruits, bags, clothing and all accompanied by live music. But for now La Laguna is under construction to add some facilities since it has many people to come. 


Love Anchor 

Love Anchor is a small bazaar close to the main road in Canggu. Loads of stalls are sell beachwear, sarongs, straw bags, wooden homeware, jewelry and many more. It is common to bargain here and the place so Instagramable. 


Old Man’s Saturday Market

Once a month, the Old Men’s bar changes their terrace into a small market. Every last Sunday of the month everything is sold from pastries, clothing, jewelry and so much more. The items come from local and bar.


Mimpi Mannis

The store sells colorful sandals, funky sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, and bags. With beautiful decoration and trendy item,  Mimpi Mannis is doing it differently by offering colorful fashion to the Canggu shopping options. 


Saturday 30 November 2019


Best Places to Get Your Favorite Wine in Seminyak

Best Places to Get Your Favorite Wine in Seminyak - Blog's The Vie Villa

Whether you are planning for a special occasion, simply a companion after a long day or romantic dinner, a wine might be best companion. For those who are in Seminyak, here are the best places to get your favorite wine. 


Vin+ Seminyak

The shop often caters to corporate and private requests for wine classes or wine pairing dinners that can be done at one of its outlets. Renowned as notable wine providers,  besides in Seminyak Vin+ also has branches in several busy spots in Jakarta. In Seminyak, the store is also a restaurant and lounge with a stock more than 18,000 wine bottles. You can find 250 different styles of wine, as well as many kinds of spirit and sake. Vin+ Seminyak can do delivery throughout Southern Bali.


Red & White

Another popular wine store in Seminyak is Red & White which has an extensive collection. The store is usually packed with rows and rows of good selections, and great if you want to make a quick purchase. Red & White Wine and Spirit shops can be found throughout Jakarta, Malang, Bali and Gili Trawangan. In Bali, the shop has branches in Kuta, Seminyak, and Sanur.


Bottle Avenue

A place where you can find an unlimited selection of beverages and a place to share your thoughts. The wine prices are affordable and the stores are located in Sanur, Ubud, Canggu, and Seminyak.



As a shop that sells extensive collections of imported wine, Winehouse is where you can find the latest collection of wine from across the globe. It also has a private dining room and wine classroom for a special occasion. Winehouse also has a school that provides courses for both professionals and non-professionals. The store is open from 10 am to 10 pm every day.

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Thursday 21 November 2019


Best Cocktails in Bali Must Try

Best Cocktails in Bali Must Try - Blog's The Vie Villa

The secret behind a good cocktail recipe is the basic ingredients and the proportions between them. With a good source of syrup and freshly squeezed lemons, you are prepared for almost any cocktails. Some sips will keep you cool as you watch the sunset or enjoy the evening from your daybed under a thatched roof. Now, shake or strain, pour it in a cocktail glass or build it over ice in a rocks glass, it’s all your choice! Let’s tweak the balance between sour and sweet.


Red Viagra

The character of vodka gives depth to any liqueur! This signature cocktail at The DECK Restaurant & Bar will show you that, when it comes down to tropical drinks, any simple fruit can taste just as exotic as the more elusive coconut and pineapple. Red Viagra is made with a mixture of vodka, black currant liquor, brown sugar, cranberry juice and, of course, tamarillo fruit. A combination of cranberry juice and fresh tamarillo fruit provides a deep and passionate simulation after drinking it. This drink will sync in harmony with the stretch of Legian’s nightlife that never goes out. 


Coffee Martini

Sophisticated, edgy and unexpectedly strong, this luscious Coffee Martini will satisfy even the most amorous of appetites. Serving at Radisson Blu Bali Uluwatu’s signature restaurant, Filini Restaurant, this one of the most popular cocktails is actually simply a matter of mixing booze with coffee. To prep this drink, you need Kintamani Coffee, Vanilla infused Vodka and Kahlúa. Start with a chilled martini glass with ice before you pour 30 ml single espresso, 30 ml Kahlúa and 45 ml Vanilla infused Vodka. Add 1 scoop ice cube, then shake and strain into martini glass. To make an appealing look, garnish with 3 pieces of coffee bean on it. And, there you go, sip on!


Sex On The Beach

A cinch to make, and you will happy! This is the perfect summer cocktail to enjoy by the beach but tasty enough to drink all year round. Get the order of ingredients right, use summer fruits for your garnish and you will definitely be getting a few repeat orders! At Agendaz Beach Club, the mixologist is mixing vodka with Triple Sec, Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice and Crème de Cassis. The perfect combination of the clear vodka and fresh sweet-sour fruity ingredients creates another level of drinking experience, hence the name. Rich and Fresh, Sex On The Beach is truly pleasant for every summer occasion.

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Wednesday 26 June 2019


Best Gym in Legian and Seminyak

Best Gym in Legian and Seminyak - Blog's The Vie Villa

Holidays means nothing without body-fit condition and to keep the body in a fit condition, getting exercise might essential. Below are popular gyms amongst locals and expats. Join them for one of their famed classes.


Soham Wellness Center

In Soham Wellness Center you will find everything your sports loving heart is looking for at this gym in Seminyak. Stylishly furnished in harmonious and peaceful surroundings, world-class wellness facilities and services can be found to ensure you’ll leave exhausted but happy. From yoga to spa treatments and personal training sessions as well as classes such as MMA or capoeira, you will get to enjoy an array of lifestyle experiences with access to all their wellness facilities.


Hammerhead Gym

The gym located just off Sunset Road in Seminyak for a full-body workout. Probably one of the most complete gyms in Bali that offers more than 30 workout stations with world leading brands in a large air-conditioned space. Shaping your body has never been more motivating in this inspiring surrounding with the support of their highly experienced trainers. If you like a mix of classes and free workouts, join them for their daily Zumba class and stock up on your supplements from their large selection of high quality brands.


Gym at Peppers Seminyak

The gym at Peppers Seminyak overlooks the natural rock resort pool, a tempting view when working up a sweat. You will also gain complimentary access to the well-equipped gym treadmill, elliptical machine, bikes, wide selection of weights and etc. Another distinctive facilities from the gym is coworking program at Peppers Seminyak including high speed internet and all day swimming pool access as well as a 10 people meeting boardroom with printing station.

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Tuesday 18 June 2019


Things To Do for Family Getaway in Legian

Things To Do for Family Getaway in Legian - Blog's The Vie Villa

Summer holiday just around the corner and for those who want to spend their family time Bali is the best place that worth to visit. With an array of pristine beach, nipper-friendly places, cultural activity and the enchanting beauty of nature, the Island of Gods is a mecca for family vacation. Every year, Bali has attracted millions of tourists and by the holiday the number would increase significantly. So, it is essential to planning the family holiday if you want to come.

Find Family Villa That Suits You

Find a family villa in Bali is essentials and we can choose the one which is close to many attractions, for instance The Vie Villa in Legian. Why The Vie Villa? Well, it’s simple. Not only offers the simplicity of living, but The Vie Villa have the ambiance and amenities that encouraged the guests to get the true family time. The Vie Villa welcomes you to the hidden oasis with a sense of coming home and has one to three bedroom villa. Guests can rent the villa separately or together, which means The Vie Villa can accommodate guests in many combinations, from two families in adjoining villas and even for small families. The Vie Villa also open for romantic stay where couples could get their intimate stay.


Enjoy The Beach with Steady Waves for Youngster

As located near local attractions, The Vie Villa has attracted many visitors where they can go with all of the simplicity to the renowned Batu Belig Beach, Double Six Beach and nearby tons of water activities to participate in which is shallow enough for children to play and relax. You can go surfing and If you're more into the adventurous activities, you will probably want to ride the waves. Equipment and boats can be rented right on the shore from the shops. You can also buy some if you are planning to get into it. or , for those who want something artistic come to  art center as well as shopping center that scattered around the hub of Seminyak.

Find Your Local and International Cuisine

For those who seek for night moment with family, Legian was blessed with top-notch restaurants and top-listed coffee shops that serve heaven in the cup. There are thousands of restaurants and cafes that provide locally and internationally food and beverage. One of the most renowned is Take Japanese Restaurant that has a distinctive architecture that full of bamboo and reflects the beauty of Japanese culture. Inside the building, the bamboo-inspired furniture, decor and pictures give us a truly Japanese ambience. With plenty of menu to choose from, each authentically prepared for Japanese dining experience. From sashimi, sushi, live seafood, soup, salad, robatayaki, hot and cold noodles. All served true to its original style. In Take, the visitors not only taste the Japanese cuisine, but also Nippon hospitality once they walk in with simple yet modern approach to open kitchen concept.

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Wednesday 12 June 2019


Things to Know before Bride-to-be Party in Bali

Things to Know before Bride-to-be Party in Bali - Blog's The Vie Villa

Bali is getting more and more popularity to have fun activities including bridal shower. It is inevitable as Bali has myriads of attraction and endless romantic ambiance. Hosting the bridal shower falls to one or more close friends of the bride and often one or more of the bridesmaids. The bridal shower is the maid of honor's prewedding piece. So here is a handy bridal shower we can do during in Bali.


Planning in Last Three Months

Three months before, talk to all women for afternoon tea or a Saturday night soiree. Does she want a particular bridal shower theme, style or color? Does she want to gather at a fun restaurant, quaint tea salon, a spa. While most of the bridal shower details and decisions will be up to you, plan according to her input. In addition, call any guests who'll have to travel some distance to attend, they'll appreciate the advance notice.


Choose the Best Bridal Shower Venues

Bridal showers can be hosted at someone’s house if there is ample space. But, today trends are happened in a hotel or villa. In Bali, Legian and Seminyak have the best place to do that. The size of a bridal shower party can range greatly. You can choose a venue depending on the size of your party. It’s a good idea to stay in close contact with the bride and matron of honor. On this case, consider the number of guests who will be invited to your shower. Choose a venue that can accommodate more than the number of estimated guests.


Decide on Decorations

You don’t have to go overboard. In several villa, they provide some flowers at the table, pool and wall which is a nice start. Try to finds an accommodation with romantic flower decoration on the pool and another sweet touch.  If you want the bridal shower to be a flawless event, make sure to get help from other bridesmaids. Even the bride’s family members will be eager to help you with everything including ideas and the cost. It doesn’t hurt to have someone who has celebrated a 25th wedding anniversary help out either.


Plan an Activity

You may hire a tarot card reader or a fortune teller. Another idea is to give temporary tattoos to the guests. As Bali has loads of tattoo artist, it is getting easier to give temporary tattoos

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Saturday 01 June 2019


Bohemian Family Villa in Legian - Seminyak

Bohemian Family Villa in Legian - Seminyak - Blog's The Vie Villa

Today we relase new video on Youtube Channel Ini Vie Hospitality. Ini Vie Hospitality is proudly presents new renovated The Vie Villa - Bohemian Family Villa in Legian - Seminyak, Bali. The Vie Villa is stylish affordable villa and offer 1 villa of Five Bedroom Villa with Private Pool or 5 deluxe rooms with shared pool, completed with standard villa facilities and services by personalized Balinese hospitality and friendly staff who take care and comfort you as your home in Bali. Located in border Legian and Seminyak with situated in quiet area and It’s only 30 minutes driving from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, just 7 minutes walking distance to the famous double six beach, shopping street, and restaurant in Legian and Seminyak that make you enjoy your holiday in Bali.

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Monday 06 May 2019


Bali as the Fifth Best Destinations in the World

Bali as the Fifth Best Destinations in the World - Blog's The Vie Villa

Bali has selected as the fifth best destination in the world by TripAdvisor- travelers choice awards recently. Of course we are grateful to hear that and for those who are now living for a vacation, congratulation, we are part of the beauty of Bali. Let’s keep the island clean and nurturing the culture and environment. The Island of God offers an array of beautiful spots that we can visit. There are mouthwatering dishes on every corner of the street from the most renowned restaurants to the street food, natural parks, legendary beaches, historic sites, clubs and coffee shops that will spoil us. All of these fabulous spot bestowed to Bali and attracted more and more people to come.  There are 7176 things to do listed by TripAdvisor, but the top three will bring us to a whole a new level as it were the most visited place recently.

1. Kelingking Beach

Kelingking is one of the best beaches in IndonesiaIt has breathtaking view like no other so that the reputation of this beach soaring rapidly. If we want to go to this jaw-dropped place, we need to go to the port nearby as this beach located in Nusa Penida Island in the southeastern of Bali and about 45 minutes by fast boat.  It has long been known that Nusa Penida has a lot of beach and not too many people around there and Kelingking is one of the most renowned by getting crowded with tourist each day as its stunning location.  Kelingking is a cliff with the sandy beach below. Many people are stumbled when they try to get the “perfect shot” on the top of cliff. Queues of people even lining up to get the best picture in the way of the actual pathway and it is worth.


2. Sekumpul Waterfall

Sekumpul Waterfall is touted as one of the most beautiful waterfall in Bali. It is located in Sawan, Buleleng Regency, a highland that has so many waterfall and lush jungle. To see Sekumpul Waterfall closely, it takes a bit of effort and struggle. From the parking lot, we have to walk quite far away, down a dirt road and hundreds of stairs followed by across the river.  It takes about 30 minutes to walk before finally we’ll hear the roar of waterfall and see the vertical drops of  water comes in three ways that showcasing breathtaking view.


3. Luhur Batukaru Temple

Located in Penebel, Tabanan Regency, Luhur Batukaru Temple is one of Bali's key attractions and a site of pilgrimage for Hindu Balinese. The Pura Luhur Batukaru lies in 1,300 meters above the sea level, on the slopes of Mount Batukaru and often misty. All around the Batukaru temple we'll find a garden of flowering frangipani, with a gigantic, inhabited, humid tropical forest all around it. The impressive placed Batukaru is situated  since the 11th century, which is an especially sacred site, even by Balinese standards. That's why all visitors have to carefully read and abide the temple rules posted clearly at the entrance.


Tuesday 02 April 2019


The Vie Villa - Stylish affordable villa in Seminyak and Legian

The Vie Villa - Stylish affordable villa in Seminyak and Legian - Blog's The Vie Villa

Legian, December 2015 - Ini Vie hospitality is delighted to announce the opening of The Vie Villa - Stylish affordable villa in Seminyak and Legian.


The Vie Villa welcomes you to the hidden oasis with a sense of coming home. Featuring 1 villa of Three Bedroom villa with private pool and bathtub, 3 villas of Two Bedroom Villa with Private Pool and Bathtub that can be converted to One Bedroom Villa with Private Pool and Bathtub which is completed with kitchen, living area, sunbed and signature villa facilities. La Mira Villa is suitable for your visit with group of friends or family and honeymooners are very welcome. Prime located in the hidden alley of Seminyak, takes 30 minutes’ drive away from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport and only 10 minutes’ drive away to the sunset spot Batu Belig Beach, shopping street in Seminyak, cafes, restaurant and famous beach clubs in Seminyak that make your more memorable one in Bali.


La Mira Villa’s designed as a hidden oasis with beautiful walled garden ready to welcoming you as well as naturally pathway lead you to the room.


Special opening promo in January 2019, we are giving exclusive benefits for minimum of 2 nights stay which will get complimentary romantic flower decoration in bathtub upon arrival and one time floating breakfast and valid stay in One or Two Bedroom Villa with Private Pool & Bathtub.


For further information and inquiries please contact :

Reservation : +6281293880889

Email : info@lamiravilla.com

Website : http://www.lamiravilla.com/


Thursday 27 December 2018